….that’s what gets results?

I’m at a new company, in a new position and now seemed like as good as any to start a blog.

I have moved from being a small cog in a big machine, to being a slightly bigger cog in a smaller machine. What does that mean for me? Why does this change feel like it’s so much more than any before?

Small companies are great places to work, it’s so easy to get to know people and the way things work. But, when I started in my new job, I felt a certain unease. Something was missing. I really missed processes. Some of my earliest notes that I made upon starting my new role were about me questioning where processes were, if there were any and where could I find them?

On a side note, using OneNote or Evernote when starting a new job is a great way to collate thoughts, emails and docs and without them I’d have forgotten most of my questions or at least lost most of my post-it prompts and probably made yet more of a fool of myself than ususal.

So processes, my close and personal friends, those by whose guiding light I had been following in my working life so rigidly that I had lost sight of what it was I was really doing. If all I am doing is following a set way of working, where is the creativity? Where is the use of a tester’s instinctive approach to a task? Where was the fun?

I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, I really did enjoy it.

I’m not saying that I didn’t think that the processes were bad.

But, was I restricting myself and others? Where was the expression? Where was the spark? Where was the testing?

I should say, I spent a lot of time in test automation. I love automation, it can be a time saver a sanity saver and a great resource to share among teams.

But, it isn’t creative testing, it isn’t a replacement for testing, it cannot replace a tester.

Bit of a side track there, sorry.

Back to where I am today. Processes weren’t apparent and testers were still testing, even without a plan, or a strategy or even a way of reporting the testing, what kind of madness is this!?

My question is this, (and if you’ve made it this far, thank you) what are we sacrificing in the name of process? What is the right balance? I can’t live in a world without process, but equally without creativity and the spark of free testing.

Blog post title lyrics from: It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it – by Fun Boy Three and Bananarma.

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