It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me…..

…..and I’m feeling good

Life can certainly throw you some curveballs.

Last Monday, my world felt like it was falling apart. All of a sudden, my latest, greatest and most exciting role to date, came to an end, all of a sudden.

It was only the second time in my life that I can remember hearing my heart beating and I didn’t know what to do.

Fortunately, past-me had my back – I took on more of a leadership role in a new job in 2016. I invested my time heavily in learning more about wider industry trends, I looked and found wonderful resources in the form of blogs and webinars. I started this blog back then, and it became a vehicle for presenting ideas, expressing myself and giving back to the testing community.

My network began to grow, as I attended meetups and conferences hosted by Ministry of Testing, and volunteered at EuroSTAR and UKSTAR conferences in the Community Huddle.

My wife jokes that I can meet someone once and stay in touch for years, and she thinks that somehow that is an odd thing, but it comes naturally to me.

During this pandemic, that network has grown further, as I have felt compelled to join in with Lee Marshall‘s Testers’ Hangout, Ben Dowen‘s #TesterOfTheDay initiative, Huib Schoots, Bart Knaack and Alex Schladebeck‘s monthly online meetups, Maaret Pyhäjärvi‘s online exploratory testing workshops, Ministry of Testing‘s wonderful weekly virtual coffees. I have had the pleasure to talk at a couple of meetups and facilitate various workshops and lean coffees at EuroSTAR. Perhaps most prominently of all, the launch of the Testing Peers podcast, out of our own community of accountable peers in testing.

Why is that relevant? Because one of those peers, Russell Craxford, jumped on a call with me straight away.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t keen. My wife and I were still in a state of shock and frankly wanted to just reach for the comfort food and sleep on it, to do something about it in the morning.

Russell encouraged me to not dwell, but to work on updating my social media profiles straight away, and that’s exactly what I did.

The response to that Tweet and my LinkedIn post really blew me away.

It is often said that the Testing Community is a supportive place, and this was a prime example. A healthy community is like a healthy open-source project, it’s free at the point of entry, but the more you put in, the more you will get out of it.

I not only had recruiters, but hiring managers and others sending me links to jobs where they worked. I had DMs from friends and old colleagues checking in on me, to make sure I was ok and to ask if there was anything they could do to help.

Before I went to bed, I had two phone calls about possible job leads.

Imagine how my night would have been if I hadn’t put up those posts that evening – the difference would have been stark.

Night and day

In the days that followed, I had no end of people offering to help, be it reviewing my hastily updated CV, or introducing me to recruiters and even finding out if anyone had ever heard of the companies that I was talking to.

The testing community raised me up this last week, I feel so incredibly blessed to call myself a part of it.

In fact, it was while The Testing Peers were carrying out our fourth retrospective on Wednesday evening, that I received something that wasn’t even on my radar two days prior – a job offer, an offer that I eventually accepted the role of QA Strategy Consultant at Provar Testing.

New job so quick? How did that happen and why did I choose them?

In a little over 48 hours from first point of contact to job offer, there was a lot going on. It’s easy to look on paper like a reflex, panic acceptance of the first thing that came along, but honestly there was more than speed to why I am so excited to be starting this new role.

I spoke to so many amazing testers, hiring managers and recruiters about some wonderful roles at exciting companies. We truly are blessed in these times to be working in an craft and industry that has been able to adapt to the changing landscape that this pandemic has brought us.

From the first call with Provar’s VP Customer Experience, through the Head of Product, CEO and COO, there was something special that happened. Call it serendipity, synchronicity, or simply great minds thinking alike, my time spent on these calls were special. Not only was I sold a vision, but I was made to feel like I could be a part of something special.

Provar had done their research on me and they offered me a role in which I can grow professionally, continuing to be a part of the community that I love, while helping to build a quality culture internally and externally.

In the Testing Peers’ discussions on interviews and CVs, we talked about the importance of not wasting a candidates time, of looking for culture add instead of culture fit, of taking the time to learn about your candidate and respecting them.

For me, all of this was done and more.

I find myself really excited about what the future holds, starting now.

Blog post title lyrics from: Feeling good– by Muse (well their cover of this awesome song anyway).

Find all the songs from my blog posts at this Spotify playlist.

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