I predict a riot…..

…..well, a mob to be more precise.

Taking inspiration from TestBash 2016 and this presentation, I have been looking for an opportunity to give a test mob a proper go. At the turn of the year that wasn’t possible as I was in a globally distributed team and I didn’t want my first mob to be a true logistics nightmare. I have presented the idea of test pairing and mobbing in the last couple of rounds of interviews we have had here and it’s had garnered some interest, so then it was just a case of waiting for the right opportunity.

A new product release of software as an opportunity for us to all try this for the first time.

With any of these things I’m keeping it to my own interpretation and we’ll see how we goes. Below is a diagram of how I anticipate us setting it up with a rotation of roles as we go along:


We have a team of six testers across four different teams, so it should be a great chance for us all to get together and test. I am looking forward to learning more about the product and how all us testers approach testing, I hope to find new and interesting ways to approaching the testing of our products as well as getting to know the other testers in a more professional way.

I will follow up after the Mob has completed its session!

Follow up blog here.

Blog post title lyrics from: I predict a riot – by Kaiser Chiefs.

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