Do you remember now…..

… acted like you never noticed

How do you remember things? To-do lists, Trello boards, calendar reminders, how about B-E-A-utiful or Richard Of York Gained Battle In Vain (classic rainbow memory fun).





aiding or meant to aid one’s memory


of or relating to memory or mnemonics



something, such as a verse, to assist memory

I have found mnemonics a means to surviving through exams, pub quiz machines, spelling and now in the workplace, with loads of cool mnemonics published all the time.

I’ve already touched upon SFDIPOT in Work it Make it Do it Make us….. as when using mindmaps to plan testing.


A little late to the game, nearly five years after it was initially published, by Michael Bolton (, I was introduced to HICCUPPS and consequently (F)EW HICCUPPS in a talk by Richard BradshawCoach, Explorer and Toolsmith walk into a…’.

I found as I read the blog, that I could resonate with each scenario, transporting my mind’s eye to experiences that I could relate to. I felt that this could be something that could make an interesting series of blogs – seeing as no one wants a marathon of a blog like I’ve got the key, I’ve got the secret….. again.



possible mental auto-correct with the pen at the bottom with statutes there….. :/

We expect the system to be inconsistent with patterns of familiar problems.
We expect a system to be understandable to the degree that we can articulately explain its behaviour to ourselves and others.
We expect our product to be consistent with things that we know about or can observe in the world.
We expect the present version of the system to be consistent with past versions of it.
We expect the system to be consistent with an image that the organisation wants to project, with its brand, or with its reputation.
Comparable products
We expect the system to be consistent with systems that are in some way comparable.
We expect the system to be consistent with things important people say about it, whether in writing (references, spec, design docs, manual) or in conversations (meetings, public announcements, lunchroom conversations etc.)
User’s desires
We believe that the system should be consistent with ideas about what reasonable users might want.
We expect each element of the system (or product) to be consistent with comparable elements of the system.
We expect the system to be consistent with the explicit and implicit used which people might out on it.
We expect a system to be consistent with laws or regulations that are relevant to the product or its use.

Blog post title lyrics from: Remember me – by Hoobastank.

Find all the songs from my blog posts at this Spotify playlist.


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